Positive Mindset = Positive Journey


There’s something about starting a new year that makes you desire a fresh start. From new years resolutions to starting new chapters in our life, this time of year is often seen as a rebirth and for good reason, especially when struggling with infertility.

Infertility often means month after month of disappointment and frustration, so having something to look forward to as a new start is so relieving and gives us hope. It’s a hope that we will figure out what is going on with our bodies and that finally we will have the one thing we long for each month, those two pink lines that signify pregnancy.

If 2019 wasn’t your year and you’re starting to lose hope, I want to encourage you to take this time to really reflect on your current life and see what positives you do have going on and start to make new goals for yourself in 2020.

Now I’m not talking your typical new year’s resolutions, but instead make a list of things that are positive in your life and center your goals around making 2020 the most positive year yet. Consider adding to your support network by joining a new support group, meeting other local women struggling with infertility, or even seeing a counselor or therapist.

Do you already have a good support network? That’s great, then your focus can be on mindset changes. Consider creating a mantra that represents your year and your personal journey. On your list of positives from 2019, what is something that has gone great and how can you continue that? If one of your positives was going on an amazing vacation…well, make that your goal for 2020.

Starting small is the best way to start making a positive impact on your life. Taking that first step in creating your list of positives from 2019 is such an easy step, then consider making just one goal to keep you on that positive path in 2020. Again, let’s not shoot for the moon here, since goals are meant to be attainable.

Also be sure to be specific in making your goals. Many of us will make a resolution to get healthy in the new year, but we should be making our resolution to drink 60 oz of water a day or hitting the gym at least twice a week. Make those goals specific to allow yourself to truly measure your success.

I know it’s not always easy trying to remain positive while trying to start your family but keeping a little extra glimmer of hope and positivity will make it more bearable. We’re not in control of everything, but we can be in control in how we react to situations. My hope for you is that in 2020 you find time to smile and enjoy the important moments.