IVF Success

babyOn June 22nd, 2019 I gave birth to a healthy baby girl after 12 years of waiting for my miracle. Eliza Quetzali was born at 5:12pm and weighted 7lb and 4oz. She will continue to be my inspiration in helping others on their fertility journey and spreading awareness about fertility. I want her birth to be a source of hope and encouragement that your day will come and one day you will be holding your own child. I know how rough it can be to see yet another BFP and birth announcement, but I want to take this moment to encourage everyone to see this as a win for the fertility community and realize that I was in your shoes for many years. I want my success to inspire you to keep on with your journey and to share your story.

jason-yu-qpZFTRM-Bec-unsplashI never thought I’d be writing this post and often times wished I knew my future help for me in the way of a family, so I could just move on, but I’m glad we continued on in hopes of a baby. My fertility journey was filled with challenges, new adventures, tears, and many new friends and discoveries of my strength and who I am as a person. I will continue to share my story and advocate for the fertility community as I have for the past few years.

I look forward to seeing everyone’s journeys and rooting you on as you work towards building your own families. I challenge everyone to reach out to those who have had success and make them feel welcome to the community and that others feel their joy. It’s difficult being rejected by your own community, while not feeling like you belong anywhere else. We all understand the struggle and should be willing to share in the successes as well. pineapple-supply-co-rvMrQlZkeRQ-unsplash

Thank you everyone who encouraged me along the way. I want to continue to spread the positivity in the community and we have so much in store for the rest of the year and we’re only getting started.