InfertileAF Summit Highlights

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It’s hard to believe that the inaugural 2019 InfertileAF Summit is now behind us. This event was planned in less than 3 months to bring close to 150 women and men together to be inspired by their amazing speakers and bond with others who know the infertility struggle all too well. This event catered to a broad spectrum of women and couples who want to build their families and faced a struggle to conceive. There were stories from women who had success through medical treatment, some who decided child free is their new life choice, and others who went through adoption. We can’t express how beautiful the stores were and how each unique story resonated with so many women (and men) in the audience. Photo Booth

This event gave an opportunity for those who have ever struggled with infertility to be motivated in their own journeys and that no matter what option you choose in the end, it’s your decision and that makes it the right decision for you. The battle of infertility often leaves us feeling inadequate and lacking in several aspects of our lives and some of these speakers touched on how inaccurate that is and how we can overcome the many stigmas associated with infertility.


ErinWe were blown away by all of the speakers, but there were a few moments that really stood out at this event. When speaker Erin came to the stage, there was not a dry eye in the audience. Her story touched so close to home for so many and the pain and struggle just resonated deeply with the crowd. While she finally received her blessing via surrogacy last year, you could still see the heartbreak and devastation she went through to finally get to the other side. We also loved speaker Mimi and how she handles her journey with humor. Yes it absolutely SUCKS to go through infertility, but it doesn’t have to destroy your happiness and she was a prime example of how you can turn your struggles into something positive. The amazing bond between her and “Mr. Brown” is clear and something to be reveled at.Mimi

For me personally, I was touched by Lindsay’s speech. She touched on deep struggles outside of her own infertility struggle and how she moved past it. She also pleaded with the audience to not shun those who have made it to the other side. The goal in our infertility battles is to have a baby, one way or antoher, yet within the community, especially online there are so many times that you lose touch with others just because you finally saw those two pink lines. Infertility leaves us with both physical and mental scars and we must choose to stick together and celebrate the successes within the community. Nobody wants to be shunned for finally making it to the other side. We want to continue to grow this community and help each other out in all our struggles. You don’t always know what it took for that women you just ignored or unfollowed to get pregnant or what other struggles they face in their life. Ultimately Linsday has the right idea of standing together no matter where you are at in the journey.


Overall the InfertileAF Summit was emotional, inspiring, and an absolute blast. We can’t wait for next year to see what speakers take the stage to share their heartfelt journeys with us. Until then we look forward to continuing the momentum and look forward to our own mission here at Pineapple Squad to help promote fertility education, spread infertility awareness, and provide infertility support and resources. We send so many thanks to the women who we met at the summit and look forward to building our relationships with those in the community.