Spread the Word – 1 In 8

I am 1 in 8 and struggled with infertility for well over 10 years of my life. The heartbreak, time and energy, and overall stress of being “infertile” have taken a toll on my life just as it has for so many women out there and that’s why I look forward to National Infertility Awareness Week each year. I look forward to the chance to encourage more women and couples to take a stand and speak up about their own heartbreak and long journeys through “infertility”.

While everyday is a good day to share your journey with someone, this week is a great starting point for anyone to share their story and let others know they are not alone. The journey is yours, but you shouldn’t hold the burden alone and it’s amazing how you can find some truly inspiring people around you that will lift your spirits and that will come back and tell you their own unique story as well.

Everywhere I turn I find opportunities to share my story with others and this often leads to valuable discussions that encourage other women to look into their own fertility needs or they may already have a common bond with me over their own “infertility” story. I love hearing everyone’s story and love knowing that we can relate and understand what the other is going through.

While we are expanding the Pineapple Squad to include more offerings, we will always stay true to our meetups because it brings something unique to the community and encourages that bonding between fellow ladies. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends that understand us and can support us through our journeys.

I remember my first meetup and all the ladies laughing over their IVF blunders and chatting about the cost and time it has taken to get to the stage that each woman was at. We all had experienced a deep hurt, but together we were able to look past the hurt and enjoy each other’s company and companionship along this journey.

While not everyone feels comfortable sharing their story with a group of women, feel free to confide in a friend or relative to share just even a part of your journey. Open their eyes and help them understand who you are and always remember that being “infertile” is only a portion of who you are as a person. We build these bonds, not to seclude ourselves from those fertile myrtles out there, but to enhance our knowledge and understanding of our own journeys and what they mean to us.

Cheers and baby dust to all!