We are Here for You

friendsThe Pineapple Squad is a support group for women struggling with infertility that was founded in the Spring of 2017. We’re a bit unique in comparison to some support groups in that we meet for lunch, drinks, or fun adventures to have a little fun and forget the craziness of our infertility journeys. This group is a great way to meet new friends, get support during your infertility journey, and connect with the community as a whole.

As the founder of the Pineapple Squad I realized there was something missing in my own journey and that I just felt that I needed to meet others who knew what I was going through and that is how the Pineapple Squad came to be. Our first meetup was an afternoon lunch over drinks where a dozen girls chatted away and found new friends. These meetups continued over the next year and a half and in that time we started to see women in our group becoming successful on their journey and often moving on. With that, we wanted to expand and grow the group and to become advocates and support for the larger community whether they were local or not. By this time, there was a lot going on and I needed help, so I reached out to Ashley who was more than willing to join the team. Currently Ashley and me run everything for the Pineapple Squad, but we hope for the opportunity soon to grow even more.help

Ashley and I met at that very first Pineapple Squad meetup. In those days I had just began my IUI journey, which quickly led to two failed attempts and a much needed break. I continued to bond with the girls while I waited on my next plan of action. Initially I had no intention of doing IVF, but over time I warmed up to the idea and completed my first successful IVF in October of 2018. The fertility issues that my husband and I were experiencing were relatively unexplained with both of us being healthy and doctors not being able to pinpoint the exact cause. Ashley too had her own struggles with infertility and I’m sure she will be more than happy to share her story in a future post.  

We both understand the struggles with infertility far too well and wanted to find a way to give back to the community and so here we are with the Pineapple Squad. Our initiatives are to promote fertility education, spread Infertility Awareness, and provide infertility support and resources. While our group started with a focus on women who struggle with fertility, we also realize that there are many women who take their fertility for granted solely because they aren’t aware of their fertility health and want to help bring that education to women. We also want to continue to spread awareness about infertility and the effects it has on our society and the individuals affected and of course we want to continue our initial initiative of providing support and resources through our meetups, up and coming fertility support groups, and our online presence.


This is going to be an exciting year of growth for the group and we can’t wait to share the details as we progress. We look forward to working with you on  your journey and meeting new faces along the way. Cheers to 2019 and all that is has to offer each and every one of us and sending baby dust to all those in need!