The Waiting Game Just Got Longer


As if struggling with fertility issues wasn’t difficult enough, now the community is faced with a pandemic that has put many treatment options on hold until further notice. This has created a lot of heartbreak, confusion, and anger as we wait to hear updates each week and the answers are not always what we are looking for.

It’s hard to put things on hold, but even harder facing uncertainty of when our treatment plans will resume. This is something I understand too well from the Zika outbreak that pushed our IVF cycle back 6 months in early 2018. It was devastating to say the least, so I understand the emotions going on now.

First and foremost, every emotion is valid. We live in a society that often wants us to feel happy all the time and that shedding tears is a sign of weakness, but it’s not. We have emotions for a reason and we are allowed to feel any and all of them when we want.

This is a very challenging time for people across the world and it affects not only our fertility journeys, but also many other aspects of our lives. We now have to worry about family getting sick, the potential of how this will impact our jobs and finances, etc.

Just know that we are in this together and some people may be affected more than others, so lets lean in on each other. Reach out to a fellow fertility sister and see how she is doing and what you can do to  make their day better. Sometimes we just need a little extra comfort and sunshine in our day. dan-meyers-hluOJZjLVXc-unsplash

Coping with this pandemic can be challenging, but don’t hesitate to take care of yourself in this time. Be forgiving to yourself and take it one day at a time. You’re doing the best you can. Practice a little self care, whether that’s locking yourself in your room with a good book or making your favorite meal at home…do what works for you. Also consider connecting with your community or reaching out to a friend or therapist to discuss your feelings and frustrations.

I’m currently offering weekly virtual support groups every Tuesday at 7pm (CST) for the next several weeks to help connect women and give them an outlet during this challenging time. I hope to see you there.